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API Pond Care AccuClear 16 oz. Pond Water Clarifier 142 B

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API Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Accu-Clear pond water clarifier clumps together tiny floating particles and settles (flocculates) the particle debris to the pond floor or through a filter. Another way to improve murky pond water is to add Pond-Zyme Plus pond water bacteria. This special bacterium will digest the debris that causes discolored, cloudy water (wait 24 hours after application of Accu-Clear to add Pond-Zyme Plus).

Pond water may become discolored due to floating soil, sludge, heavy rain runoff, or when a pond filter needs cleaning. Dirty looking pond water is often caused by the buildup of organic waste, the result of uneaten fish food, fish waste and dead plants. Pond maintenance such as filter cleaning and water changes, or gardening of aquatic plants will stir up dirt and debris too. Even during the first few weeks of a newly established pond, cloudy water can develop. 16 ounces treats 4,800 gallons.

Accu-Clear works well in new aquariums to eliminate the haziness caused by gravel.


Nontoxic to fish and plants
Clears cloudy water quickly
Eliminates floating particles
Helps the filter to work more efficiently
Keeps pond water clear during the peak of summer
Use if a cloudy haze appears after pond cleaning
For a cleaner, clearer pond use with Pond-Zyme Plus
IMPORTANT: Proper water aeration required! Oxygen levels drop during the hot summer months. Inadequate aeration depletes the oxygen level even more & can be deadly to fish.
Use 1 teaspoon for each 50 gallons pond water.
Distribute evenly around pond perimeter.
Rinse filter pads frequently when using Accu-Clear.
Wait 24 hours before using a second application, if needed.
For maximum filter efficiency, use Accu-Clear once a week.

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