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Northland CM-M Medium Climate Master Insulated Medium Dog House

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Medium insulated dog house featuring PanelAbode™ Engineered Panel Technology, removable roof, and more!

This small dog house is designed specifically for cats and toy breed dogs including Chihuahua, Pug, Pomerainian, Shih Tzu, Pekingese and other small breeds weighing less than about 12 lbs.* Like all of our Climate Master™ Series insulated dog houses, this house features our PanelAbode™ laminated engineered panel technology, a thick layer of true foam insulation, our Slide-Lock™ removable roof system, and a host of other popular features for the ultimate comfort and protection of your pet.

Our engineered panel construction is superior to plastic houses as well as traditional cedar, pine, fir, and plywood dog houses. Climate Master™ dog houses are extremely resistant to moisture and insects, are stronger and more scratch and dent resistant, and far less likely to warp and/or crack than competitors' materials.

Recommended For Small Dogs
External Dimensions 25" Width x 29" Depth x 25 1/4" Height
Internal Dimensions 16 3/4" Width x 20 1/2" Depth x 19 3/4" Height
Door Type Premium Vinyl Flap (multi-slat)
Door Size 8 5/8" Wide x 11 5/8" High
Roof / Base Insulation 1 1/2"
Wall Insulation 1"
Weight 49 lbs
Part # CM-M
UPC 760537309471

Medium Dog House Features:

  • Panel-Abode™ Engineered Panel System - simulated rough-sawn cedar finish - stronger, more durable and more dimensionally-stable than traditional cedar dog houses, with superior scratch, dent, warp, moisture, and insect resistance!
  • Superior Insulation - We use true foam insulation up to 1 1/2 inches thick - no gimmicks, and we fully insulate the floor, all 4 walls, and the roof panels unlike many competitors
  • Slide-Lock™ True Removable Roof - remove the roof panels in seconds without any tools required for easy cleaning and puppy observation
  • Pre-Finished / Easy Assembly - requires less maintenance and comes completely finished ready for assembly in less than 10 minutes! - cedar houses require sealing or staining to prevent discoloration and weathering
  • Vented Ridge Cap - provides ventilation and allows heat to escape in summer
  • Raised Feet - prevent base from scratching finished deck surfaces, provide air circulation, & protect membrane on base of house
  • Clear Vinyl Flap Doors - to protect your pet from the elements, we use the same heavy duty vinyl flap material used in refrigerated buildings - the clear vinyl allows light to enter the house for your pet's comfort
  • Offset Door - provides a larger windbreak and area out of the direct sun - a centered door increases exposure to foul weather and direct sunlight
  • Roof Pitch and Overhang - our steeper roof pitch and larger overhang sheds rain and snow better than competitor's models - roofline slopes away from door to prevent rain from dripping on your pet

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