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Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin Pole System w/ Winch HF 7548

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  Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin Pole System w/ Winch HF 7548   

     Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin Pole System provides your Quad Pod Purple Martin House with sturdy support and mobility. Position the included ground socket 40-44" deep in the soil and secure it with concrete, stabilizing the pole and preparing it to accept up to four Quad Pod units. Three 6' long galvanized steel sections form the pole, concealing the internal cable of the winch and pulley system. The cable wraps around the winch, threads through the pole's center, hangs back down the outside of the pole, and attaches to the Quad Pod. The Quad Pod's design, constructed around a pole mount hub, allows it to travel up and down the pole. Turn the crank to raise the Quad Pod up the pole and lock in your desired position with the crank's ratchet. Simply release the ratchet and use the crank handle to guide the Quad Pod down the pole to observe nest activity or clean out old nests at the season's end. Let this Martin Pole System support your Quad Pods and enjoy the beauty of your purple martin residents.

Assembly required.

Dimensions: 3" dia. x 17.33'H (14.5' above ground level )
Mounting:  ground socket - place pole in socket
Construction: steel, metal


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