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Aquadyne Rhino II Bottom Drain 4' NO Air Diffuser RH2-O

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Rhino II 4" Bottom Drain  Without Air Diffuser

Simply the best bottom drains on the market!

Quality materials and superior construction differentiates the Rhino over other Spindrifter type drains. A few of the problems associated with the Spindrifter have been alleviated in the Rhino design including;

*Thicker flanges and liner attachment ring that will not flex or crack

*All attachments are machine fitted for extra strength with no need for gap filling

*All joints are hand welded resulting in more strength than the speed welds used on the Spindrifter

*3" height over the horizontal discharge port for more concrete over the horizontal discharge port (the Spindrifter requires a collar to increase the height over the drain)

*Direct pipe connection into the air bladder (the Spindrifter requires you to snake an air line through the pipe)

*Rhino air drains contain an air check valve to prevent water entering the air line.

*Rhino drains are American made and cost less than the Spindrifter!

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